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Earn Cash Rewards When You Find
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(252) 830-0772
(252) 830-0772
We're always looking for houses to buy and if you
can help us buy one - we'll send you a check!

How can you find a house we might buy?  Be on the
lookout for "For Sale By Owner" signs, vacant
houses, houses with "Eviction Notices" on the door,
and other signs of motivated sellers.

You might even know someone who's about to get
foreclosed, or maybe you know a landlord who's
sick and tired of problem tenants.

When you've found a lead and done a little
investigating, fill out the Cash Rewards Form.

Once we have the form we assign your name to the
lead (unless we've already developed it) so that we
know who to send the Cash Reward to if we buy.

Since we can't be everywhere at once we depend
on people like you to help grow our business.  What
we really want is to send you lots of checks --
because that means you're sending us a lot of
houses we're buying!