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(252) 830-0772
Right now there's a glut of houses on the market and it
isn't the easiest time to sell. If you list your house with a
Real Estate Agent you may have to wait months and
months and months to find a buyer.  Now ask yourself
this:  How many other sellers does that Real Estate
Agent represent?  Are you his or her number one
priority?  And don't forget that commission you'll pay.

Of course, you can always try to sell your house by
yourself.  Lots of people do and there are plenty of good
books written about it.  You should read several of them.
Then get yourself a good attorney who can guide you
through all the necessary contracts and paperwork and
laws pertaining to full disclosure and so forth.  This is a
crucial area and you must be fully informed.

Now you need to market your house.  Will a sign in the
yard be enough?  How about newspaper ads?  Will you
be using an Internet listing service or one of the free
sites?  Point is, these costs all add up as well as the time
you'll spend.

Ah, and don't forget all the strangers who'll come
tramping through your house peeping into your closets
and asking questions about lead paint and mold and
underground oil tanks and so on and so forth.

But we're different.  Buying houses is our business and
we do it quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of
hassles for you.  Remember, we offer fast cash and fast
closings and you pay no commissions or other hidden
fees.  We even pay 100% of the closing costs.